NOW HIRING IN: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma


  1. 3% performance bonus
  2. Vacation pay
  3. $2500 sign-on bonus
  4. $1000 anniversary bonus starting the second year of employment
  5. Unlimited $1000 driver referral bonus
  6. $50 clean inspection bonus

This program rewards drivers for their commitment to Woody Bogler Trucking Company.  It is also designed to reward drivers for safe operation of, and care of company equipment.  This program also provides incentives for drivers who reach certain performance objectives.

End Dump Drivers are paid a percentage of what the load pays. The pay scale is based on seniority.  The following is the seniority based pay scale:

Length of Service Pay %
0-12 Months 25
1-3 Years 26
3-5 Years 27
5-10 Years 28
10-15 Years 29
15-20 Years 30

3% weekly performance bonus when truck revenue exceeds $4,000 (minus fuel surcharge).  Pay with bonus example: If you are starting out at 25% and your line haul revenue (no fuel surcharge) hits $4,500 Sunday through Saturday you would be paid 28% of revenue instead of 25%. So your pay would equal $4,500x.28=$1,260


Eligibility for vacation pay will begin the pay period following the anniversary of the date of hire. You will be eligible for one week of paid vacation after one year of uninterrupted service and two weeks of vacation after five years of uninterrupted service. Your vacation pay will be based on an average of your earnings over the 52 weeks preceding the date that you start your vacation. If you choose to work through your vacation you may do so.

NOTE:  Be sure to wait for a confirmation number once you have completed the online application.  Receiving a confirmation number ensures the application process is complete.