May 22, 2015


The first truck to ever travel coast to coast did so in 1916. Woody Bogler Trucking Company has not been around that long, but almost. William Bogler founded our company in the 1920s using a horse drawn wagon to carry clay to the railroad for transport to brick plants. In 1924, he purchased his first truck; a chain driven International. William Woodrow “Woody” Bogler helped his father, William, dig clay when he was a child. When he was a young man, “Woody” enlisted in the army and fought in Korea. During that time instead of using his money for having fun, Woody saved it and sent it back to the States for when he returned. Woody returned from Korea and in 1954 firstenddumpassumed control of his Father’s company. He changed the name from Bogler Trucking to Woody Bogler Trucking shortly thereafter.


Today, day-to-day operations at Woody Bogler Trucking are conducted by Woody’s son Tracy Bogler.  Tracy joined the company in 1994 after college at The University of Missouri-Columbia.  (Small Business Administration Award, 5/12/2014 –

Our company operates a fleet of over 150 tractor trailers in the lower 48 States, comprised of half dry van and half end dump.  Our tractors are new or late model with an average age of less than two years.  Our drivers are the best in the industry and are attracted and retained through an outstanding compensation package, the opportunity to drive excellent equipment and a committed management team.

Van - ED


At Wood Bogler Trucking Company, safety is key!

Woody Bogler Trucking Company has literally grown up right along with the trucking industry. There have been many changes to the industry since our founding in 1924 and there are sure to be many changes to come. The longevity of Woody Bogler Trucking has given us the experience to understand that change is the only constant in trucking. We understand that change must be embraced in order to provide the level of service that customers demand as well as to ensure that we are operating in accordance with all State and Federal regulations.

The environment is also a top concern of Woody Bogler Trucking Company. We all share the same air and the same planet. For this reason we operate some of the most fuel efficient trucks on the road today. In addition to having very fuel efficient engines our trucks and trailers are equipped with every legitimate fuel saving device possible. Our tractors specifications are chosen for aerodynamic performance. Our trailers have side skirts which add to aerodynamic performance and we utilize wide based tires. All of these strategies have earned us the right to be considered a Smart Way Partner by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Learn more about Smart Way by clicking here.Safeway Cert

The management of Woody Bogler Trucking Company believes that we should maintain a continuous cycle of improvement and that we should take a quality approach to management. In‐line with this belief, we belong to trade associations, participate in continuing education, and maintain good working relationships with our peers. We do so in order to identify best practices that we can implement and adjust to bring our customers the level of service that they have come to expect from Woody Bogler Trucking Company since 1924.

EngineSafety is our top priority because you cannot run a top notch company without operating safely. We firmly believe that safety is the responsibility of everyone in our organization and our approach to safety starts at the top. For this reason Woody Bogler Trucking Company operates new or late model equipment, hires only experienced and well qualified drivers and has a five bay shop to repair and maintain its equipment. Our equipment is maintained to the highest standards and complies with all State and Federal regulations. Both Woody Bogler Trucking Company and Woody Bogler Logistics, LLC maintain necessary insurance coverage through “A” rated carriers.

Woody Bogler Trucking Company takes a unique extra step to ensure that we operate as safely as possible. Every year we have an outside consulting firm assess our operations to objectively analyze them from the standpoint of safety. Our consulting firm then meets with management to discuss our progress on continual safety improvements. We also discuss new strategies that we can employ to continue our efforts to be as safe as we possibly can. Examples of safety initiatives that we have implemented are; installing electronic driver logs before being mandated to do so by the government, governing our trucks so they can travel no faster than 65 mph, installing speed monitoring devices, installing disk brakes on all newly purchased tractors and trailers (drastically reduces stopping distance) and purchasing trucks that have roll over protection. These are just a few of the strategies that we have employed in an effort to continually improve and ensure that we run as safe an operation as possible.