The first truck to ever travel coast to coast did so in 1916. Woody Bogler Trucking Company has not been around that long, but almost. William Bogler founded our company in the 1920s using a horse drawn wagon to carry clay to the railroad for transport to brick plants. In 1924, he purchased his first truck; a chain driven International. William Woodrow “Woody” Bogler helped his father, William, dig clay when he was a child. When he was a young man, “Woody” enlisted in the army and fought in Korea. During that time instead of using his money for having fun, Woody saved it and sent it back to the States for when he returned. Woody returned from Korea and in 1954 firstenddumpassumed control of his Father’s company. He changed the name from Bogler Trucking to Woody Bogler Trucking shortly thereafter.


Today, day-to-day operations at Woody Bogler Trucking are conducted by Woody’s son Tracy Bogler.  Tracy joined the company in 1994 after college at The University of Missouri-Columbia.  (Small Business Administration Award, 5/12/2014 –

Our company operates a fleet of over 150 tractor trailers in the lower 48 States, comprised of half dry van and half end dump.  Our tractors are new or late model with an average age of less than two years.  Our drivers are the best in the industry and are attracted and retained through an outstanding compensation package, the opportunity to drive excellent equipment and a committed management team.

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