Supporting our community


Truck drivers spend countless hours behind the wheel to deliver the products that make our lives easier. We at Woody Bogler Trucking Company respect and value the men and women that go through regulations, inspections and check points; just so they can make sure customer’s cargo gets delivered safely and on time. Our drivers are not only the face of the company, but they are the human component that makes us so successful! We take every opportunity to thank our drivers for their hard work, dedication and drive that has made us what we are today! 







Giving Back

At Woody Bogler Trucking, we believe strongly in giving back. We host golf tournaments, lunches and other special events throughout the year in order to promote our strong sense of community. We understand the sacrifices that the recipients of our fund raising have made, and we honor and respect them all by doing as much as we can. We also sponsor local youth sports teams and participate in parades, equipment expos and youth career days. 

Promoting Safety

Woody Bogler Trucking Company takes a unique extra step to ensure that we operate as safely as possible. Every year we have an outside consulting firm assess our operations to objectively analyze them from the standpoint of safety. Our consulting firm then meets with management to discuss our progress on continual safety improvements. We also discuss new strategies that we can employ to continue our efforts to be as safe as we possibly can. Examples of safety initiatives that we have implemented are; installing electronic driver logs before being mandated to do so by the government, governing our trucks so they can travel no faster than 65 mph, installing speed monitoring devices, installing disk brakes on all newly purchased tractors and trailers (drastically reduces stopping distance) and purchasing trucks that have roll over protection with forward facing cameras. These are just a few of the strategies that we have employed in an effort to continually improve and ensure that we run as safe an operation as possible. 




It always seems impossible until it's done.













The Environment

The environment is also a top concern of Woody Bogler Trucking Company. We all share the same air and the same planet. For this reason we operate some of the most fuel efficient trucks on the road today. In addition to having

very fuel efficient engines our trucks and trailers are equipped with every legitimate fuel saving device possible. Our tractors specifications are chosen for aerodynamic performance. Our trailers have side skirts which add to aerodynamic performance and we utilize wide based tires. All of these strategies have earned us the right to be considered a Smart Way Partner by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), where we've won the EXCELLENCE AWARD for two straight years. Learn more about Smart Way by clicking here