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Woody Bogler Trucking Company specs its tractors and trailers dedicated to dry van service with efficiency in mind.  Light and fuel efficient tractors coupled with light but strong trailers, equates to more payload per trip.  More payload per trip equates to a lower freight cost per unit of cargo.  Our drivers will move your cargo quickly, safely and on time.  Our almost 3 to 1 ratio of trailers to tractors allows us to provide customers with trailer pools so they can pre-load cargo.  We want to be your carriers of choice by providing the flexibility, value, responsiveness and professionalism that you deserve.


quality equals value


Our dry van fleet is powered by 4 year old or newer Peterbilt 579 tractors.  Our dry van trailers are constructed to the highest standards using state of the art modern composite materials which include extra cross members for added strength.  We do this for the safety of our industry partners when loading and unloading our trailers and to ensure that our customer’s freight is handled with the highest standard of care.  Our rates come with trucks that show up on time every time.

Located in the midwest

Missouri’s central location provides efficient access to both coasts, as well as to markets in Canada and Mexico. Missouri is within 600 miles of many of the nation’s fastest growing metros, including: Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Minneapolis, Nashville, and San Antonio . Missouri is within 600 miles of 51 percent of U.S. households and 50 percent of U.S. manufacturing establishments . The population center of the U.S. is located near the town of Plato, Missouri, and Missouri is bordered by eight states—tied with Tennessee for the most of any U.S. state— providing access to even more markets and customers. 

North, South, East and West

Our Peterbilt tractors dedicated to dry van service are equipped with 80” sleepers geared toward driver comfort.  We do this because having happy drivers helps us maintain the level of professionalism and responsiveness that our customers deserve.  Woody Bogler Trucking Company is also committed to being environmentally responsible.  We were a recipient of the 2018 EPA SmartWay Excellence Award.  40 Companies were chosen from over 3,700 companies and organizations participating in SmartWay.  




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